South Lane, 1905

South La 1905 i

South La 1905 ii


Employment Exchange, 1918

‘It was announced that the Employment Exchange at Elland was to be accommodated in the premises formerly occupied at Bridge End by the West Yorkshire Bank. The building, as is well known locally, is ornate in character, having large granite pillars and a fine ashlar stone front, with an exquisitely carved emblem of Britannia resting on the top. It is now suggested that this suite of premises will be the most handsome Employment Exchange in the British Isles. There was a suggestion, at one period, that the Banking Company should be approached with a view to removing the front of the building to another part of Elland and being utilised in a suggested scheme for a war memorial. Nothing came of that suggestion. Visitors to Elland have often marvelled at such an expensive building being erected at such a place, for it is sandwiched between a couple of public houses. Nevertheless the building adds grandeur to the area and presents an attractive view to one entering Elland by the Bridge. Perhaps few of the present generation are aware that on the site of the present bank once stood a public house, which in the later days was known as the Royal Tap or the Royal Hotel Tap.’