Jack’s Cafe

From January 1975

‘When Jack’s Cafe and Fish and Chip shop closes on Friday, West Vale will never be quite the same again.

It will be the end of a chapter for the Kitson family who have run the cafe for the last quarter of the century and for the village.

Thousands of customers visit the homely cafe in Rochdale Road every week for cooked breakfasts, lunches and suppers and, of course, fish and chips.

On Friday Mr Russell Kitson, who is 48, and his sister, Mrs Audrey Dyson, will serve the last orders for fish and chip lunches and the the shutters will come down for the last time.

The cafe and five adjoining cottages are to be pulled down by Calderdale Council.

Mr Kitson’s father, 75 year old Mr John Kitson, a former Halifax Rugby League player, took over the cafe 25 years ago. He lives in one of the cottages. Mr Kitson and his sister have run the business since 1957.

In that time they have served 6,000 to 7,000 customers a week ranging from building workers popping in for a warming breakfast of eggs, bacon and tomatoes to mill workers who take orders for hundreds of sandwiches at lunch time.

And there is always a big demand for fish and chips.

“We have had some very loyal customers and I think they are only just beginning to realise that after Friday Jack’s Cafe will be no more” said Mr Kitson.’