Robbery at t’mill

From 1863

For some time past large quantities of mill brasses, such as steps and cups, have been missed from the corn mill of Mr Joseph Beaumont. At length the matter was put into the hands of PC Copley and he apprehended two boys – Andrew Magson and Joseph Park, both aged eight years and whose parents reside in Westgate. It appears that the lads had been in the habit of calling twice a day with stolen property at the shop of Mary Helliwell, better known as “Mally Buck”, marine store dealer in Watergate. On one occasion they sold her for two pennies and a ha’penny upwards of 14 ounces of brasses, belonging to Mr Beaumont. At the shop of Mr Savage, marine store dealer, Halifax, have been found three pounds of brasses, which Helliwell had sold him. A sack, also the property of Mr Beaumont, was found in the woman’s shop, which she admits having bought of the boys for three half-pence.